Friday 14 Dec 2018 | 15:54 | SYDNEY
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NSS is coherent, but pulls its punches

It may seem odd that Prime Minister Julia Gillard would use the occasion of the launch of the nation's first ever formal national security strategy to endorse the view that the 'national security decade' is over.  This begins to make sense, though, when you note the strategy's conclusion

Grand designs: Is the NSS necessary?

Robert Ayson is Director of Victoria University’s Centre for Strategic Studies in New Zealand. It's time for me to fess up. I used to be one of those sometimes annoying people who thought it was a good idea for governments to produce a formal national security strategy. I wanted them to show

New ideas in national security

We're going to have substantive commentary on the newly released National Security Strategy over coming days, but as a first offering, I wanted to alert readers to Michael L'Estrange's op-ed in today's Australian (to get around the Oz's paywall, just Google the article's headline and click on the

Sydney's new airport: A nod to Asia?

One of my favourite online distractions, ArchDaily, yesterday posted a photo spread on Gibraltar's glorious new airport. This got me thinking about the two-decade debate over a second Sydney airport, which everyone except the owners of the existing airport seems to agree is necessary. Problem is,

Don't call it aid: Carr's $375 million diversion

Satish Chand is a Professor in the School of Business, University of New South Wales. Last December it was revealed in the media that the Australian Government would divert $375 million from its foreign aid budget (of a total $5.2 billion) to fund the onshore processing of asylum seekers arriving

China and India in the Fiji equation

Professor Wadan Narsey is an Adjunct Professor at The Cairns Institute. The Fiji regime's clear breach of its own decrees and roadmap to democracy, as described in my previous post, has unsettled traditional donors and must also create serious question marks over the continuing support by China

Defence 2013: Expect cuts to troops and JSF

Derek Woolner is a Visiting Fellow at the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, ANU. He was Director of the Foreign Affairs and Defence Group in the Commonwealth Parliament's research service till 2002. My earlier posts in this series were about the nature of the financial difficulties faced by