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Ian Parmeter

Ian Parmeter is a Middle East specialist at ANU's Centre for Arab & Islamic Studies. He was formerly Australia's ambassador to Lebanon and counsellor at Australia's embassy in Moscow.

Articles by Ian Parmeter (3)

  • Kerry abandons diplomacy’s golden rule – for now

    A cardinal principle of diplomacy is never to allow frustration over failed negotiations to prevent their eventual resumption. US Secretary of State John Kerry now appears to have done this overnight following collapse on 19 September of the Aleppo ceasefire he had painstakingly negotiated with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. The overnight rupture followed a last-ditch attempt to revive negotiations in a phone conversation between the two over the weekend. This effort may have become ca
  • Where the Russian intervention in Syria is headed

    Russian President Vladimir Putin is well on the way to achieving several objectives of his military intervention in Syria. Russia has ensured the survival of the Assad regime, its only Arab partner, without loss of Russian personnel to the rebels or becoming mired in a ground conflict.